Effect Size Calculator for Studies of Science Teacher Interventions

The purpose of this calculator is to provide intervention researchers in science teacher education with an empirically-based effect size estimate for use in a priori power analyses or for interpreting effects at the conclusion of a study. The predicted effect size values provided by this calculator are generated using a meta-regression model that was fit to 956 effect sizes nested within 162 science education studies, using the R subroutine called robumeta.

Please select the predictors of interest to you. You can select as many or as few as you like. After you click the submit button, the estimated effect size and 95% confidence interval will appear in the box below this text. If you don't select any predictors, the effect size you see is the estimate for the unconditional model.

                Citation: This shiny app uses the R package, robumeta, developed by Zachary Fisher, Elizabeth Tipton and Zhipeng Hou. (2016). robumeta: Robust Variance Meta-Regression. R
        package version 1.8.
                It also uses the R package clubSandwich, developed by James Pustejovsky (2018). clubSandwich: Cluster-Robust (Sandwich) Variance Estimators with Small-Sample
Corrections. R package version 0.3.2